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gullivertravel's Journal

Gulliver Travels
3 April
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Hello, my name is Gulliver and I am a teddy bear. My goal is to find new people to visit because I just LOVE to travel. And my wonderful friend Ashleigh who I live with loves to have houseguests! We live in sunny San Diego, CA and Ashleigh really enjoys sharing a bit of this beautiful city with visitors, taking pictures in exciting places and making sure they get sent home with something special. I love traveling around San Diego, but I would really like to find someone to have me as their houseguest for a week or so, who can show me around where they live and take my picture for my scrapbook! I hope lots of people want to be friends!

Here is a list of where I have been, and where I am going next!

- Minneapolis, MN, USA -Currently visiting!
- Philidelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - In my queue
- Portland, Oregon, USA - In my queue
- Maybe to see you?